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Rome, the collapse at the Globe Theater and the curse of Macbeth


Never say the word ‘Macbeth’ on stage. Superstition or ‘cursed’ work? The actors lean towards the second option, especially the English ones who, out of superstition, never pronounce the name of the protagonist of the Shakespearean tragedy, but simply prefer to call the piece ‘The Scottish Play’ and before entering the scene it is now almost a ritual to prolong the ceremonial. superstitious that every actor uses, each in his own way. It seems that over the centuries, in fact, the Shakespearean tragedy has been at the origin of a series of unfortunate events. The protagonist died before the debut of Macbeth, so much so that Shakespeare had to replace him in a few minutes, ‘fronds’ between actors and spectators, among rival productions that in 1849 in New York, at the Astor Palace, caused the death of 22 people and 100 injured Nothing to do with what happened at the Globe Theater in Rome, of course, even if in 1898 the great Irish writer and critic, George Bernard Shaw, did not hesitate to write that ‘Macbeth’ brought bad luck. Numerous legends have occurred over the centuries, such as the one linked to the presence of the three witches of ‘Macbeth’, ‘real’ witches who allegedly took revenge on the great Shakespeare by reciting magic formulas to curse the work.



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