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‘For an unveiled neurology’, today the first National Day


The first National Day of Neurology which is celebrated today, 22 September, also marks the beginning of the series ‘Protect your brain, entrust yourself to the neurologist’, a project born from the collaboration between the Italian Society of Neurology (Sin) and Adnkronos, as a column of the television program Salus tv. Each month, some of the best specialists at national and international level will talk about the main neurological diseases, but also about some less known ones, as well as giving space to news in the diagnostic and therapeutic field. As president Sin, Alfredo Berardelli explains, in the first episode ‘For a neurology without veils’, dedicated to the National Day, these videos aim to “make the population more aware of what neurological diseases and the tasks of the neurologist are. neurological diseases affect a third of the world population, therefore also Italian. Alzheimer’s disease, for example, affects 600-700 thousand people; that of Parkinson’s 200-300 thousand; multiple sclerosis 150 thousand “. Then there are stroke, for a large part of the population, and “migraines and headaches, which are among the most common”. Neurological diseases represent one of the main causes of motor disability and impaired cognitive functions: they are therefore a great challenge for medicine and research. “It is important for the population to know these pathologies and therefore, when they feel the first symptoms – adds Berardelli – contact the neurologist, the only one able to make a correct diagnosis in a wide range of diagnostic hypotheses such as neurological diseases” . Early diagnosis of neurological diseases is essential for planning and scheduling early therapy and reducing damage, the progression of disability. “In stroke patients – underlines President Sin – a diagnosis in the early hours of the disease allows fundamental therapies to be started immediately”. On the importance of an initiative such as the monthly video series ‘Protect your brain, entrust yourself to the neurologist’, Berardelli recalls that “knowledge of neurological diseases is necessary for an early diagnosis” and therefore the start, “as soon as possible , of therapies “. All things that “only the neurologist” is able to activate.



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