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‘If I die survive me’, the battle of a child


For the judges, Lia Pipitone, the rebellious daughter of a Palermo boss killed at the age of 25 in 1983, is a victim of the mafia. For the Ministry of the Interior, however, no. Alessio Cordaro, Lia’s son, continues his battle with the book “If I die, survive” that the publisher Zolfo republished in an updated version: ten years ago, the story-investigation written together with the journalist Salvo Palazzolo made the investigation reopen judicial, which had been filed immediately after the crime occurred at the height of a false robbery, 39 years will have passed tomorrow. Recently, the Supreme Court confirmed the 30-year sentences for two Cosa Nostra bosses, Antonino Madonia and Vincenzo Galatolo, who ordered the death of the young woman with the consent of her father. «Lia was born for freedom. She and she died for her freedom, ”said the repentant Francesco Di Carlo. “It was murder for honor – explained another former authoritative mafioso, Rosario Naimo – it was known that Mr. Pipitone’s daughter was cheating on her husband”. In fact, she was a rumor going around the neighborhood, at the time it was inconceivable that a man and a woman could only be friends. The day after Lia’s murder, her friend was “committed suicide” from the balcony of his house and forced to write a letter: “I kill myself for love.” In the new edition of the book “If I die, survive me – Lia Pipitone, killed by the mafia because she rebelled against her father boss” Alessio Cordaro and Salvo Palazzolo go back to retrace the history of the young woman, who managed to escape from Palermo with her boyfriend to escape her father- master: authoritative mafiosi mobilized to find the two boys, and Lia’s partner was also brought before a mafia court. But she didn’t give up, she continued to contest her father and to live her life in freedom. Even when a persistent rumor in the neighborhood began to say that she was causing scandal for her friendship with a man. “My mother continues to be a Serie B victim – says Alessio Cordaro – Despite the judges we wrote very clear words”. According to the Ministry of the Interior, Lia Pipitone does not have the “subjective requirements” to be recognized as a victim of the Mafia. Palazzolo says: «For thirty years, the State has dismissed the case as a robbery that ended badly: a staging that did not make the police suspicious. And today one thinks badly: the latest investigations into the murder of agent Agostino tell that the Acquasanta clan maintained relations with deviant circles of the police and secret services, in that neighborhood the Galatolos guarded the operational base from where Riina’s assassins were leaving for the excellent murders ». In that neighborhood Lia wanted to live her life. «The son of Lia Pipitone was also told that the request for compensation has reached the deadline. Truly paradoxical words – continues Palazzolo – the state took thirty years to say that it was a Mafia murder, and only because a son started looking for the truth about his mother’s death ».



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