• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Green pass, Burioni: “Only vaccinated and cured, the rest is nonsense”


May 5, 2021

“The recent swab for having the ‘green pass’ is a very dangerous nonsense. From a medical point of view, the only ones who could move with greater freedom are the vaccinated and the recovered. The rest is nonsense”. Roberto Burioni, virologist of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, expresses himself on Twitter on the Green Pass, the ‘pass’ that will allow travel for those who are vaccinated, those who have recovered from covid and those who have undergone a swab – with negative result – 48 hours before. “Someone rightly asks: ‘But if I want to vaccinate and they don’t vaccinate me, is it right not to give me the pass?’. A legitimate question, but posed to the wrong person. The issue is political, not scientific. From a medical point of view, who is not immune it can contract and spread the virus “, Burioni adds in a subsequent message. The latest reopening decree passed by the government envisages the introduction of the vaccination pass, which will make travel more fluid. The document has yet to be defined on the basis of the indications that the Ministry of Health will provide. The requirements for obtaining the pass, which can also be issued by the family doctor, are illustrated: “Anyone who has completed the vaccination cycle (lasts six months from the end of the prescribed cycle), who has fallen ill with covid can have a green certificate and is cured (lasts six months from the certificate of recovery), who has carried out molecular tests or rapid tests with negative results (lasts 48 hours from the date of the test) “.