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No vax in the square in Rome against vaccine obligation


The no-vax people met in Rome, in Piazza Bocca della Verità, a few hundred meters from the Ministry of Health, which is located on the other bank of the Tiber, to demonstrate against the obligation to vaccinate and the green pass. The ‘Movimento 3V political party’ group promoted the initiative. “We call together all citizens who intend to demonstrate against the horrendous vaccination obligation, against the absurd green pass, against the deleterious postponement of the electoral vote”, underlines on Facebook the ‘Movimento 3V Political Party’, a page followed by 30 thousand members of the social network. “What 3V has been repeating for years is about to come true: the obligation imposed on children represented only the first stage of what is a sanitary drift aimed at forcibly vaccinating the entire population. entire population – continue the no-vax activists – 3V says enough to all this and invites every Italian to demonstrate to put an end to the liberticidal and anti-democratic measures orchestrated by the parties present in Parliament, none of which represents the people anymore. himself to remind our honorable people that today the people take to the streets, but tomorrow, at the time of the vote, they will enter the voting booth and send them permanently home. The voters will remember the traitors and will punish them consistently “.



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