Ukraine, Pope: “Doctor forbids me to go to Kiev or Moscow for now”

Pope Francis is forbidden by the doctor to go, for now, to Kiev or Moscow, as he has said several times that he would like. However, he guarantees that he is doing everything possible to end the conflict in Ukraine by being in permanent contact with Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. “The visit is in the air. I still don’t know. I’m talking to them. Tomorrow, for example, I have a telephone interview with President Zelensky. Let’s see,” he replied in the exclusive interview with TVI / CNN Portugal. Admitting that the path of dialogue “is difficult” in relation to the war, Pope Francis has assured that he will not make any other trip at least until the one in Kazakhstan, scheduled for 13 to 15 September. “Now I can’t go because after the trip to Canada the knee recovery was a bit felt and the doctor forbade me: ‘You can’t go to Kazakhstan.’ But I kept in touch, by phone … And I do what I can. And I ask everyone to do what they can. Among all, something can be done. I accompany all I can with my pain and prayers. But the situation is truly tragic “. The Pope said, however, that several Vatican representatives have been in Kiev since the beginning of the war: “My presence there is strong”. The full interview with Pope Francis airs in full form tonight on CNN Portugal.