• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Police against rapper Gemitaiz, “ready to report”


May 5, 2021

Police unions against Gemitaiz. On social media, the Roman rapper lashed out at the police with offensive words, accusing them of not intervening for “fear” during the meeting of Inter fans in Piazza Duomo in Milan during the Scudetto party. “Gemitaiz has lost a good opportunity to shut up. The men and women of the police are working for the respect of legality. Obviously respect and legality are two concepts that are not part of the cultural heritage of Gemitaiz. I will denounce it,” he says. to Adnkronos Stefano Paoloni, secretary general of Sap. “The moment is certainly difficult and unfortunately we are often called to intervene in complex situations that politics has not been able to manage – he continues – but this does not give anyone the right to offend those who are simply carrying out their duty”. “The shocking language of this character who poses as a rapper is the emblem of how, today, the invitation to violence is read differently depending on who is the target. Discriminatory expressions, in fact, are tolerated, when not even justified, if directed to a politician or to a member of the Police Forces, while it is judged unacceptable, with a lot of shields, if addressed to other subjects “, is the comment of Domenico Pianese, general secretary of Coisp. “Such people, who poison the social context every day, cannot and must not find an echo on social media, through which young people are influenced in a totally uneducational sense. This is why these self-styled artists should be blocked both on the web and from the judicial authority – urges the trade unionist – which cannot allow hate speech, in some cases even extolling the murder of the political opponent or of the person wearing a uniform representing the State “.” We do not want to waste more time than necessary to comment on the words of the rapper Gemitaiz who, in what seems like a banal delirium to get some likes, had this not particularly original idea. More than some other ‘expert’ in internal security policies, before him, has already performed in treaties evaluating the work of the police without having the slightest idea of ​​what it may be “, says Valter Mazzetti, secretaries o General Fsp Police. “All this – he observes – while we witness astonished the ‘sociological processes’ where one side accuses us of being vile torturers, violent and bullying, and the other of the exact opposite, of being vile cowards who turn to the other side and they get beaten. Certainly, however, we will never get used to the virulence of the attacks indiscriminately suffered by those who wear uniforms on both sides. So much so that in this historical moment in which so much attention is dedicated to the Bill Zan, we would like that among his just forecasts there was also one aimed at ‘punishing those who instigate or commit acts of discrimination or violence for reasons based on the particular type of work performed by the victim’ “. “That of the police – Mazzetti recalls – is a work that stands out precisely for its specificity, a concept that certainly does not include denigration, violent criticism, gratuitous offense, continuous verbal and physical aggression, for the just wearing a uniform. And it is certainly no longer tolerable to hear a clearly discriminatory phrase such as ‘cops of m …’ “.