Pope Luciani blessed, who was John Paul I and how he died

Pope John Paul I (born Albino Luciani) was proclaimed blessed. The miracle attributed to Luciani concerns the healing of Candela Giarda, an Argentine girl suffering from severe encephalopathy healed thanks to the miracle attributed to Albino Luciani. Candela, 11 years old at the time, recovered on 23 July 2011 in Buenos Aires. Veneto di Agordo, died in 1978 – after only 33 days of pontificate, of a heart attack, in his room in the Apostolic Palace. A death so sudden as to give rise to the legend that he was poisoned. There is no mystery about the death of Pope Luciani, the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin reiterated: “His death – said the cardinal – was a natural death. We are sorry that this noir continues to this day” . The deputy postulator of the cause of beatification, Stefania Falasca, traced the medical reports of when Luciani was patriarch in Venice, demonstrating that even then she was being treated by a cardiologist for heart failure. “Someone – Falasca then observed – asks why the autopsy was not carried out? There was no law then, John Paul II introduced it in 1983. Furthermore, the autopsy is requested for suspicion and Fontana and Buzzonetti, in the report of death, they wrote that they did not consider it necessary. The vision of the corpse, the description of the stains that allowed to re-establish the moment of death, led the two professionals to decree that of Luciani as sudden death. in forensic medicine it’s always natural death. It was a heart attack. ” Andrea Tornielli, editorial director of the Vatican media, recalls in an editorial that “on February 8, 1970, in his first homily as patriarch of Venice in the basilica of San Marco, Albino Luciani repeated the words that eleven years earlier he had said to the faithful of Vittorio Veneto as soon as he became their bishop: ‘God, some great things sometimes love to write them not on bronze or marble, but even on dust, so that if the writing remains, not disrupted or dispersed by the wind, it is clear that the merit is all and only I am the dust: the office of patriarch and the diocese of Venice are the great things united with the dust; if a little good comes out of this union, it is clear that it will all be due to the mercy of the Lord ‘. And in these words, – says the Pope’s editor – ‘I am the dust’, the great secret of Christian life that Albino Luciani has witnessed throughout his life “.