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Circeo, mayor of Sabaudia reopens the Moravia trail


The new mayor of Sabaudia, Alberto Mosca, has ordered “the immediate” opening of the ‘Path of Moravia’, historic access to the large free beach in the shade of Mount Circeo, which had been closed in 2021 by the new owners of the writer’s villa . The ordinance represents a victory for the over 1800 citizens who had signed a petition for its reopening and a success for the civic association Il Fortino which fought for this purpose. The ordinance of the municipality of Sabaudia provides for “the immediate” opening of the passage “until 30 September, the end of the bathing season” and “for the subsequent bathing seasons”. If the property “does not immediately comply with the opening of the passage, the execution of the provision will be compulsorily carried out”. Furthermore, “where free and continuous access to the beach is not maintained until 30 September 2022 and, as required, also for the following years, during the period of validity of the municipal bathing ordinance, free passage will be automatically guaranteed , with charge of any expenses borne by the property and, where necessary, resorting to the assistance of the public force “. The mayor’s ordinance refers to the sentence of 8 July 2022 of the Lazio TAR on the” right of the community to freely access to the beach of Sabaudia “, with the appointment of an ad acta commissioner, who would intervene in the case of inactivity of the administration. It also cites the regulation of the Lazio region that requires municipalities “access gates to the beach, to the extent of one every 300 meters”. “It is a victory for the community,” Giulio Schisani, one of the founders of Il Fortino, a non-partisan association that has been fighting for the protection of the Circeo since 1987, and which for a year and a half had been at the forefront of the reopening of the Moravian Path. On July 20, shortly after his inauguration, “the mayor Moscow had received us, within two days of our request, showing great attention and seriousness” – he underlined – “the ordinance is very complex and in our opinion well structured” . Schisani also thanked Gaia Pernarella, regional councilor of the 5 Star Movement, and Enrico Forte, regional councilor of the Democratic Party, authors of a joint motion addressed to President Nicola Zingaretti. Chiara Rinaldi, initiator of the petition on Change org to reopen the ride. “I thank the mayor and the municipal council”, she told Adnkronos, hoping that the actual reopening of the path will take place soon and “lead to a general reorganization and legalization of all accesses to the sea”. The path is located on the coastal road that runs along the Sabaudia beach, one of the most beautiful and largest free beaches in Italy, in the Circeo natural park. It is squeezed between two villas, one of which was owned by Alberto Moravia. The writer had wanted to leave it open, available to the citizens, who have used it since the sixties. It was the only shady access to the beach with stone steps, and for this reason it was widely used by the elderly and families with children, but it also proved to be of great use to facilitate the arrival of rescuers with stretchers. Public use was so well known that there was a local bus stop nearby. However, the passage was closed in early 2021 by the new owners of the villa, making a long stretch of public beach inaccessible. Last year the protests of the citizens and the requests for intervention presented to the then mayor Giada Gervasi, then arrested in January 2022 on charges of corruption, extortion and auction disruption, were worthless. The new mayor Moscow, recently elected, has instead decided to act, recognizing the right of way.



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