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Loggia Hungary, Ardita: “I expect full clarity on this matter”


“I think that at this moment it is right to go to the bottom, understand all the contradictions, as a magistrate and citizen I expect full clarity on this matter”. This was stated by Sebastiano Ardita, magistrate and councilor of the CSM, guest of ‘Non è l’Arena’, speaking about the story that sees him involved in the minutes of the lawyer Piero Amara concerning the alleged secret lodge ‘Hungary’. “I am very well, I had never gotten used to the idea of ​​an attack on moral integrity, having an absolutely linear and transparent life I am not afraid of this attack”, he explained. And then: “It can happen in professional life that you are also the subject of a slander, what is more serious is to find yourself at the center of circumstances that need to be clarified, ranging from enveloping the slander in a package sent to newspapers and also to Di Matteo up to a series of informal situations that still need to be clarified. “” I find it hard to believe that Marcella Contrafatto could have participated in such an action, “said Ardita, answering the question whether the official Marcella Contrafatto could have been to have the minutes of the lawyer Amara delivered to the journalists. Ardita then tells a detail: “We are in the Christmas before the lockdown, there is a knock on my door in the Council office: it was Mrs. Contrafatto, she was holding a crystal object that I had given her, she looks at me with shining eyes saying ‘ Doctor, you are the only counselor who has thought of me, I will not forget this. ‘For this and also for other reasons that I am not here to tell, I have always seen in Marcella Contrafatto’s eyes an attitude, a look of affectionate gratitude against me. Frankly, I can’t see her in the role of someone who wraps up a slander and sends it to Dr. Di Matteo and the newspapers against me. “What if it was really the Counterfeit? “I would forgive her,” Ardita replied, “in all my life I have never done anything against someone who is weaker than me. So I would certainly forgive her.”



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