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Montagna, Bristot (Cnsas): “Over 6000 interventions since January, + 7% victims”


“6,203 interventions have been carried out and 5,659 people have been rescued since the beginning of the year by the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps. As for the people recovered, they are about 14% more than in 2021. These data are due on the one hand to the days of exceptional weather, almost always without precipitation, and, on the other, to the post-pandemic effect that led to people to rediscover the mountain. The National Alpine Rescue, the Italian Alpine Club and the various mountain guides will have to increase the synergy to promote initiatives that limit accidents and injuries ”. Talking to Adnkronos is Fabio Bristot, a member of the national management of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps, explaining what are the interventions that the Alpine and Speleological Rescue is having to carry out in the course of 2022. “So far – explains Bristot – there are 273 the deaths in the mountains, about 7% more than last year. Of these, 14 are bikers, i.e. those who go on the trails using the pedal assisted bicycle. We have had an increase of 249% in aid to this type of cyclist in ten years: a very significant figure on which we are carrying out studies. These bicycles compared to a decade ago are very different, they weigh a lot more and there is no consequent preparation for these modifications of the vehicle. We are talking about the second most involved activity in the mountains: almost one intervention out of 10 is in fact aimed at bikers. The other most frequent activities are hiking and mountaineering. Compared to 10 years ago, moreover, today 84% of the people rescued are of Italian nationality, while in the pre-Covid era there were many more foreigners recovered. It means that due to the international situation and the economic crisis there is still not that influx of Europeans from the East. “” Two thirds of the people involved are men and almost 37% of those who are rescued are older than 50 years old: it means that the mountains are frequented a lot by the second and third age and this should invite young people to experience it more. Since January we have completed almost 25,000 hours of helicopter flight and over 91% of these interventions are done with 118 helicopters, testifying to the great synergy that exists between us. A small army was employed for all the interventions carried out: we are talking about over 24,000 committed volunteers, especially in the northern regions, but also in the central regions, such as Abruzzo, Molise, Lazio and Umbria, and in the south, such as Sicily, Calabria and Puglia “, concludes Bristot.” The main interventions carried out this year are caused by falls, illness, loss of orientation and incapacity, that is, inexperience and negligence – says Bristot – The illnesses are not only due to high temperatures: they are in fact also caused by reckless situations because sometimes the hiker feels bad because he is not trained or prepared enough. Like illnesses, interventions for incapacity are on the rise: we can say that out of ten people we help, two do not have a minimum culture of the mountain, they face it superficially without knowing their limits. A basic preparation is increasingly lacking ”. “Not always – underlines Bristot – is there the ability to read the weather report the days preceding the excursion or the expertise to choose routes suited to one’s own or others’ abilities. The mountain is a place that must be faced with reflection, not as if it were a high altitude carousel: a radical change of mentality is needed. The mountains need medium and long times, we are used to a society that moves very fast in which it is enough to go on the internet to find any indication. Instead, it is necessary to read up on a specific paper map and do a painstaking study to get to know the territory in all its particularities. It is not enough to consult Google to become expert hikers. I believe that knowing the sense of one’s own limit and that of others is the litmus test to tackle the mountains in safety ”.


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