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The drama of the heat in the institutes, between overcrowding and no fans


“Keeping cool in prison is a beautiful and good nonsense”. What Samuele Ciambriello, guarantor of the inmates of Campania, says to the Adnkronos, is the perfect synthesis of the unease experienced in this hot summer in prisoners and staff serving in the institutions of Italy. There are no count of the notes addressed by the Department of Penitentiary Administration to the regional supervisors and directors of prisons that have as their object the “protection of the health and life of detained and interned persons” in order to evaluate the possibility of allowing inmates, through maintenance companies, the purchase of small-sized battery-operated fans, certainly free of potentially dangerous metal parts but equally functional. Because in prison, in the cells often sealed by heavy armored doors, not a breath of air passes. Because if it’s hot in the street, you die inside. And the number of deaths behind bars has risen, even if not necessarily due to the heat: from 25 June to today there are 27 deaths, more than one a day. Of these 18 are suicides and 1 homicide (in the same period of 2021 there were 13 deaths, of which 10 by suicide). Not only that, because to worsen a situation that is not easy in itself, there is also the overcrowding that has risen to 108%: in a nutshell it means that as of 31 July last, 54,979 people were held in prisons in Italy despite a regular capacity. 50,909, while prison police officers are missing by 18 thousand and about 9,000 are on vacation during the summer. Few policemen on duty against an ever-increasing number of inmates: hence the increase in attacks not only against staff but also among inmates themselves, acts of self-harm that are difficult to control and prevent. And yes, even escapes. Forty-seven in total since January 1, according to what Adnkronos learns from trade union sources: 13 from prisons, hospitals, external medical examinations, courtrooms, 12 of which rearrested, 10 from outside work, 4 of which rearrested, 5 from semi-liberty, 3 of which rearrested, 17 from prize permit, 12 of which rearrested and 2 from necessity permit, both rearrested. Yesterday the last flash from the Cuneo prison, from where Daniele Bedini, alleged murderer of Sarzana, escaped. “The minister of justice, if there is one, must strike a blow: it is said that his curriculum is a liberalist and here, however, no one has been seen” urges Ciambriello. “In the months of July and August, expectations for interviews and increase the permits to empty the cells. In the walking areas there are no showers or drinking fountains, in some institutions the doors are iron, armored, with the result that each room is a crematorium. And in Poggioreale, where between the inmates there are a 90-year-old and an obese of 250 kilos, in the courtyard they are bare-chested because the heat is intolerable – the guarantor of the Campania prisoners still says to Adnkronos – And then I wonder, in these months of strong heat why the politicians instead what to do like ostriches, don’t they put forward proposals to improve life in prison? “.” Prisons, as well as the country’s criminal execution system in general, continue to be abandoned to themselves and with them the prisoners and the same operators. This in the substantial lack of interest, if not in the serious ineptitude of the whole politics “echoes Gennarino De Fazio, general secretary of Uilpa Pp, who explains to Adnkronos again:” The problems that emerged with the riots in March 2020 and the thirteen deaths, do not they have not been dealt with at all and, indeed, have worsened. Problems that persist throughout the year, but that in certain periods make themselves felt even more both for conventional-psychological reasons, as can be the summer traditionally dedicated to holidays and entertainment, and for practical reasons related to the accentuated heat from overcrowded cells, to infestations of mosquitoes and other insects, but often also of rodents, to the aggravated lack of personnel of any professional profile, who enjoy holidays and, last but not least, sometimes, to the very lack of interviews for the holidays of the family members of the detainees “.” In short – continues the trade unionist – an explosive mix that the prison police barely contains. As Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who during the general discussion on trust in the Chamber of Deputies had said that the condition of all those who work and live in prisons would not be neglected, on this issue completely failed and betrayed our trust. . The conditions of those who live and work in prisons under his rule have continued to deteriorate. A prison decree would have been necessary to deal with the emergency, made above all of an organic vacuum of the prison police of 18 thousand units, prison overcrowding, inadequate equipment, instruments and technologies, as well as ancestral disorganization, and at the same time a proxy law for reforms structural “. (by Silvia Mancinelli)


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