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Covid today Lazio, 2,415 cases and 10 deaths: 1,029 infections in Rome


There are 2,415 new coronavirus infections today 10 August 2022 in Lazio, according to data from the latest Covid-19 bulletin of the Region. There are another 10 deaths. In detail, out of a total of 25,842 swabs, 893 patients were hospitalized (-16), 57 intensive care (-1) and +7,038 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 9.3%. The cases in Rome city are at 1,029. In the ASL Roma 1: there are 353 new cases and 1 death; Asl Roma 2: there are 383 new cases and 5 deaths; Asl Roma 3: there are 293 new cases and 1 death; ASL Roma 4: 200 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 5: 174 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl Roma 6: there are 207 new cases and 1 death. 805 new cases are registered in the provinces. Asl di Frosinone: 267 new cases and 0 deaths; ASL of Latina: 360 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl di Rieti: there are 58 new cases and 0 deaths; Asl di Viterbo: there are 120 new cases and 2 deaths.


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