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Liliana Resinovich, the consultants of the prosecutor’s office reveal: “She committed suicide”


Liliana Resinovich died “two, at most three days before” her discovery last January 5 in the park of the former psychiatric hospital of Trieste, a death from asphyxiation, a death probably voluntary. These are the conclusions – exclusive to Adnkronos – that the consultants of the prosecutor would have reached who investigate the 63-year-old who disappeared on December 14, 2021 and found dressed, with the body in two garbage bags, and with two plastic bags (such as those used in shops food) around the head; bags tied, but not tight, with a knot. A discovery that for a long time has fluctuated between the hypothesis of murder or suicide. Now, however, the case would seem closed, after the draft of the report signed by the professor of forensic medicine Fulvio Costantinides and the radiologist Fabio Cavalli and sent to the consultants for their observations. In the draft of the report of about 50 pages, the experts, hired by the deputy prosecutor Maddalena Chergia, write down the results of the autopsy and toxicological tests (drugs or drugs are excluded) and the deductions that suggest a gesture that did not involve other people. The intact bags that contained the victim’s body are “not very compatible” with a case of aggression and with the transport of the body “in an impervious environment”, evidence to which must be added the absence of “any sign reasonably attributable to violence at the hands of others. “, the lack” of injuries attributable to defense “and other injuries that could have prevented her from reacting to an assault. The fact that the bags were not found tightly around the neck “does not exclude”, in the opinion of the consultants, “a death from a possible asphyxiation of this type: if it is true that the inhalation is enough to make the bag adhere to the orifices of the face causing oxygen deficit, this adherence can also be intermittent or even not exist as the progressive accumulation of exhaled carbon dioxide and the rapid consumption of oxygen in the small air volume offered by the bag is sufficient for suffocation “. A hypothesis of death by bag asphyxiation therefore appears “plausible” in the specific case, “in the absence of other signs of violent mechanical asphyxiation (throttling, strangulation), moreover, no clear objective homicidal evidence emerges, as well as more rare and remote hypotheses such as the abuse of solvents, the maneuvers linked to eroticism with asphyxiation carried out for sexual purposes “. Basically, “nothing emerges” in the opinion of the technical consultants, “anything that concretely supports the intervention of the hand of others in the determinism of death” by Liliana Resinovich, who had left home without cell phones and a wedding ring. The conclusions, seven months after the mystery of death, – although it remains to be understood what happened from the day of his disappearance to that of his death – seem decisive: the death of Liliana Resinovich can be traced back “reasonably to about 2-3 days earlier” of the discovery of the body that “does not present obvious traumatic injuries possible cause or contributing cause of death, with the absence of furrows or haemorrhages in the neck, with the absence of defensive lesions, with completely intact and normally worn clothes, without clear evidence of third party action” . The autopsy suggests “a ‘plastic bag suffocation’ type asphyxiated death, with no major neck ligations or hemorrhages,” the consultants wrote. Words that could induce the Trieste prosecutor, once all the investigations have been completed, to dismiss the case.


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