NewsLocalSileri neopapà: "Baby bottles, diapers, I don't sleep anymore"

Sileri neopapà: “Baby bottles, diapers, I don’t sleep anymore”


“Do I sleep a little more? No. Do you see me better? I pretend.” Pierpaolo Sileri and paternity. The Undersecretary of Health, guest of Domenica In, allows himself a confession as a new father: he has recently become a father for the second time. “On my bedside table there is a bottle, I’m the chemist in charge of preparing infant formula. Did you put 60 milligrams? 90? I don’t remember, it’s one in the morning … Then at 3 hang-ups, at 5 … At 8 they start ringing the church bells, you don’t sleep anymore … “, he says smiling. “I change diapers with the speed of a Ferrari mechanic…”.



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