NewsLocalIn Italy 27 million vaccinated, hypothesized curfew at 11pm

In Italy 27 million vaccinated, hypothesized curfew at 11pm


As more and more people in Italy have been vaccinated, the government is working on the idea of ​​moving the curfew. It will be decided tomorrow on this and on the possible new reopening, when the control room between the majority forces will take place at Palazzo Chigi. The route remains the one reaffirmed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Porto, on the sidelines of the European summit, or reopening in the name of “reasonableness and prudence”. But a short-term postponement of the curfew to 11pm or midnight seems practically certain. Read also “On Monday, a positive decision will be taken on moving at 11pm or midnight”, Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa told Adnkronos Salute yesterday. “A signal that I consider positive in the logic of graduality. But it is clear that in June we will move towards abolition, this is more than a hypothesis. The data today paint us a positive situation of infections and hospital admissions and we he sees an improvement in his parameters from week to week. ” Abolition continues to be insisted on from many sides. For the Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana, “the curfew discourse in such a situation needs to be revised. Two weeks ago we asked how Regions move to 11pm, now, also to encourage tourism, I think we should either completely eliminate or limit it a few per night. I am of the opinion that it should be eliminated completely. It is difficult to convince a tourist to spend a holiday in Italy if he knows he has to return to the hotel at 10 pm or 11 pm “. Italy has comforting health data” that allow you to ask, on behalf of thousands of mayors and all Regions, for a return to work, freedom and life “, reiterated the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, during this morning’s videoconference in view of the control room of Vaccines Italy, 27 million doses exceeded There are 27,011,116 doses of vaccine against Covid administered in Italy and 8,475,672 (equal to 14.30% of the population) the people who also received the second by dose. This is what can be read on the government website on which it is emphasized that 15,157,560 women and 11,853,556 men were immunized. In total, 30,101,660 were delivered, and 89.7% were administered. Lombardy administered 4,667,612 doses out of 5,080,230 delivered (equal to 91.9%), Lazio 2,597,845 out of 2,985,470 delivered doses (87%), Campania 2,455,971 out of 2,707,535 delivered doses ( 90.7%) and Veneto 2,282,267 out of 2,439,860 delivered doses (equal to 93.5%). From tomorrow Italy almost all yellow, in orange only Valle d’Aosta All Italy in the yellow zone from tomorrow with the exception of Valle d’Aosta that remains orange. Therefore new color map of the Regions. A new ordinance to contain the spread of the coronavirus, signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, on the basis of the data and indications of the control room of May 14, 2021, brings the Regions of Sicily and Sardinia to the yellow zone.



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