NewsLocalVaccini Italia, Figliuolo: "20 million doses are coming"

Vaccini Italia, Figliuolo: “20 million doses are coming”


Shoulder to the coronavirus pandemic in June. What will happen? “It will happen that for the first time the arrivals of vaccines in a month will exceed 20 million doses and it will be possible to give even more speed to a campaign that has already exceeded 26 million doses, when in March before the plan underway we were well below 5 million “, Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo said in an interview with the Messenger. “The supply issue is crucial, but we have also worked hard to increase the potential of the machine, which has shown that it can do 500,000 injections per day – he underlines – In June, with more vaccines, this potential will be expressed more regularly and also increased, thanks to new vaccination points already today we have more than 2,500, that is a thousand more than in March – and also to the more extensive contribution of general practitioners, pharmacies and companies that have made their spaces available to the Regions and structures “. “June will also be the month in which I expect to see the vast majority of the most vulnerable people exposed to Covid protected. Today more than 88% of the over 80s have received at least one dose of vaccine, almost all RSA guests have been reached and more than 96% of health personnel have had an administration. But it is necessary to continue the effort on the over 60 groups, in order to then act in parallel on the younger ones “, underlines Figliuolo.

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