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Ferragosto and covid, rules: from the mask to the ban on bonfires


Mid-August with more stringent anti-covid rules to counter the spread of infections. Presidents of regions and mayors have issued ordinances with measures ranging from the ban on gatherings to the ban on bonfires. Attention is particularly high in Sicily, a region that has experienced a surge in infections these days and is likely to pass into the yellow zone. With the order signed by the governor Nello Musumeci, the obligation to use the mask outdoors was introduced if in crowded places and the prohibition of access to public offices if without a green pass. And, again, the obligation of a swab to participate in ceremonies if the vaccination cycle has not been completed and a mandatory swab even for those arriving from the USA. On the Aeolian Islands the local ordinance comes into force today which provides, among the measures, the use of masks in the port areas of Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli from 7 to 20.30 on the occasion of the arrivals and departures of hydrofoils and ships and of the water buses that transport tourists. In Panarea, the ban on entertainment and live music in outdoor public establishments has been introduced and it is mandatory to wear a mask in public areas and spaces. It is also envisaged that naval units used to transport passengers are prohibited from stopping on the island. ‘Anti-August’ ordinance also in Palermo Leoluca Orlando. Mayor Leoluca Orlando, to avoid gatherings in state-owned areas and counter the spread of Covid 19, has prohibited the holding of public events and aggregative events, the lighting of bonfires and any camps with tents on the beach and state-owned areas. The prohibitions will be in force from 7 pm on 14 August to 7 am on 15th. The sale and consumption of alcohol is also prohibited from 7 pm on 14 August to 24 on 15 August. Mid-August off limits also on the beaches of Agrigento. Mayor Francesco Miccichè, “to ensure public safety and security and as part of the measures to combat and contain the Covid-19 emergency”, signed an ordinance banning bonfires on the beach, camping, fireworks and any public manifestation or aggregative event unless expressly authorized by the competent authorities and communicated to the Prefecture and the Municipality. The sale and administration of alcohol and music is also prohibited from 2 to 6 on 15 and 16 August. Bonfires will also be prohibited on the beaches of Lazio and Campania.



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