• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Grillo, girl defense files new documents: legal suspects ask for time


May 15, 2021

The file of the investigation into the alleged rape of the 19-year-old Italian-Norwegian girl who denounced Beppe Grillo’s son, Ciro, and three of his friends, is enriched after a night spent in the villa of the M5S guarantor, in July 2019. As Adnkronos learns, lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, who assists the young woman, has filed new documents with the Tempio Pausania Public Prosecutor’s Office in recent days, which coordinates the investigation. These would be some interviews released in recent weeks on the case. Including the one made by some newspapers by the kitesurf instructor. “Silvia that day had arrived in semi-hangover, not exactly at the peak of lucidity, let’s put it this way”, he said. And again: “She seemed out of tune, certainly not lucid. After all – he added – it happens often: it is summer and people are at five in the morning. We see so many people like that “. While in the minutes he had not referred to the young woman’s disturbances. Also filed was the interview released by the owner of the bed and breakfast who had reported on the record that the young woman was fine after returning from the night at the Grillo house, while to some journalists she had said that she had changed. “I can’t know if what the girls are saying and what I’ve heard these days is true or not, but I know that something certainly happened that night”, Daniele Ambrosiani, manager of the B&B Surfhouse in Barrabisa, told Corriere della Sera. , a town in the Municipality of Palau, in Gallura, where the two girls were staying who accuse Ciro Grillo, the son of the guarantor of the 5 Star Movement, and his group of friends of abusing them because they were drunk. “That day we saw them come back around three in the afternoon. ”I got out of the taxi and my partner noticed that they were wearing the same clothes they wore the night before, when they went out. It seemed strange to us that they had spent the night out because they had been here for several days and not they were girls who went out every night, if I remember correctly they never really went out at night, let alone stayed out sleeping. They passed quickly, dark glasses, heads down, and slipped into the room. ment onwards their mood seemed darker, different. They weren’t as serene as the day before, they were silent and thoughtful, especially the Italian-Swedish girl. We figured they probably had a fight with each other. We gave ourselves that explanation the other days that they stayed here because they continued to seem upset. Then one day after mid-August two plainclothes carabinieri arrived to ask us questions and we understood … ”. According to rumors, the defense of the young alleged victim also filed the interview given by Vittorio Lauria, one of the four young men under investigation, on Giletti’s show ‘Non è l’Arena’ in the Public Prosecutor’s Office. On that occasion, speaking of the video with some frames in which we see group sex scenes, he says: “I don’t have it anymore. We see however that the girl is, one, very well and, two, that in any case we we do not force anything “. And on the vodka that the girl would have been forced to drink she says: “Forced, exactly, but instead it was she who took it, alone and as a challenge, as we told the prosecutors anyway, because it was just like that. challenge she drank it all, ‘drank it’, but it wasn’t much, it was a quarter of vodka, I don’t know now.But still her alone because we couldn’t drink it and she defiantly said ‘come on I do it and she drank it. And then she went on to say that I took her by the throat, I did … “. In the file there should also be the video posted by Beppe Grillo which later went viral in which he said that the boys “are not rapists” but “four cog..i”. Also questioning the rape that took place because “the girl went surfing the next day”. “Why didn’t you arrest them right away? Because you realized it wasn’t true that there was rape.” Then, the desperate gloss, shouted: “If you have to arrest my son because he did nothing, then arrest me too, because I am going to jail”. At this point the lawyers of the four suspects, Vittorio Lauria, Ciro Grillo, Eduardo Capitta and Francesco Corsiglia will ask for a further deadline in the coming days to investigate the new papers filed. (by Elvira Terranova)