• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Milan, demonstration against Zan’s bill. Also in the square Salvini and Pillon


May 15, 2021

Moments of tension and smoke bombs in Piazza del Duomo, in Milan, among the demonstrators who were protesting against the Zan Bill. Around 4 pm some young people from the Lambretta social centers tried to enter Piazza Duomo from via Arcivescovado to disturb. They arrived as far as the former Piazzetta Reale and then the police police service made them move back to Piazza Fontana.
From there they headed to the state university. When the social centers approached the Duomo, the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, present in the square, had already left. At the event, the Milan police headquarters said, about 1000 people took part. Simone Pillon was also present with Salvini. The group of protesters arrived with a banner reading ‘ddl Zan immediately’ and lit two smoke bombs. Read also Salvini “A heavy hand for those who attack and discriminate, beats or insults but the freedom to think that a child comes into the world if there are a mother and a father can neither be gagged nor tried”, said Lega leader Matteo Salvini, who spoke in Piazza del Duomo at the demonstration against the Zan bill. “I’m here to demonstrate for freedom – underlined Salvini -. Everyone can love whoever they want without being discriminated against or attacked so much that the League and the entire center-right have presented proposals for aggravating circumstances for those who insult, attack another human being on the street, at school or at work. Another ballgame is to destroy the idea of ​​family, the roots of our unity “. Salvini then pointed the finger at those who bring” theories such as gender or ideas such as gay adoptions to the school desks of 6-year-olds. ‘uterus for rent and even introduce a new crime that puts the gag and wants to put in jail those who think that the mother is a mother and the father is the father. “And he added:” Many associations of homosexuals, lesbians and feminists are against the bill Zan because it ghettoises, because with the excuse of talking about rights in reality it is carrying on an ideological battle. One must be able to love whoever he wants without being attacked and discriminated “. Pillon” The square in Piazza Duomo today is an indispensable square to show the country that the majority of Italians are against this law, which is a liberticidal law, which prevents any dialogue and above all that punishes freedom of opinion “, Simone Pillon told AdnKronos.” The families who were in the streets today – the Northern League representative emphasizes – represent the majority of the country that hates no one, respects everyone, but wants be respected and want to continue to say that males are males and females are females “.” There is a minority that believes itself enlightened because it has influencers, media systems and the media on its side, who want to impose this law liberticide and on the other hand there is a silent majority that today, finally, has shown its serene strength “, he continues.” Who was in the square, who says no to the Zan law – adds the Northern League – wants accounts to be free to educate their children, unlike those who simply want to sell nail polish to boys “. “They are the people who argue that children have the right to grow up with mum and dad, that education belongs to parents, and that rented wombs and gay adoption are wrong and violate the child’s right to grow up with. mum and dad “, concludes the Northern League.