• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Ddl Zan, the event with 120 companies in Rome: “Yes to approval”


May 15, 2021

Demonstration today in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome, which sees over 120 associations and realities as protagonists to support the approval of the Zan bill. “We haven’t seen such a thing for a long time: 120 realities that come from all over Italy. We find ourselves in the square with so many worlds, not only the LGBT one, but also that of women and disabled people. So it’s an intersectional square” , declares to the Adnkronos Claudio Mazzella, president of the Mario Mieli Homosexual Culture Circle. “We ask for immediate approval of the Zan bill, and without any compromise to the downside, without any changes, and as the slogan of the event says ‘not a step back'”, underlines Mazzella, adding that all anti-Covid safety regulations will be respected. . “I expect a large participation – he adds – but this is not the point of arrival but the departure, as I hope that from here on there will be a lot of mobilization in Italy until the Zan bill is approved”. He will present the event with the slogan ‘For the Zan law and much more: not a step back’, the drag queen duo Karma B while Vladimir Luxuria and deputy Alessandro Zan will speak from the stage.