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The Borsellino family: “Right to truth”. July 12 Council Chamber


(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – He does not spare attacks on the magistrates Antonino Di Matteo, today a councilor to the CSM, and on Annamaria Palma, now the Palermo Advocate General, who for a period dealt with the investigation into the Via D’Amelio massacre. Nor to the accused, three policemen, who “did not honor the uniform”. He also speaks of the “ignominy of misdirection” about the massacre. And of “the right to truth, after 30 years. Even if the damage is now done and it is irreparable”. In just under an hour the lawyer Fabio Trizzino, lawyer of Paolo Borsellino’s children, as well as husband of Lucia, the eldest daughter of the judge killed on July 19, 1992, launches precise accusations during the replies of the penultimate hearing of the trial on the misdirection on the massacre that sees three policemen on the stand accused of complicity in slander aggravated by having favored Cosa Nostra. According to the accusation, Mario Bo, Fabrizio Mattei and Michele Ribaudo, who were part of the Falcone and Borsellino Group, induced the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino, to tell the false and to accuse the innocent, who were then sentenced to life imprisonment. Today those innocents are a civil party in the Caltanissetta trial which is in the final stages. For Bo the prosecutor asked for 11 years and 10 months, for Ribaudo and Mattei 9 and a half years each. Today was the penultimate hearing of the trial. The next hearing has been set for July 12 for the rejoinders of the defenders and then the judges will retire to the Council Chamber to issue the sentence. It could be issued already in the evening or the next day. “If you think that the victim of this misdirection is Paolo Borsellino, together with his guardian angels, a man who has faithfully served the institutions. I can’t see a border, a measure to the ignominy of this whole affair”, says Trizzino . Then he launches an attack on former prosecutor Antonino Di Matteo who “in 2009 made a statement on collaborator Gaspare Spatuzza without having any competence”. And he explains: “The incredible element is that in that year Di Matteo as a prosecutor in Palermo had no competence to enter the Borsellino uno and Borsellino bis trials, unless he feared something that could compromise his professional career …. We must have the courage to tell her these things “. “Should he have taken care of giving his opinion on Spatuzza? – says Trizzino – What interested him in Borsellino one and an encore? It is not a mud sketch for the magistrate but a critical analysis and we cannot pretend nothing has happened. The magistrate or the policeman shouldn’t talk? by judge Borsellino. According to a sentence it would not have been a captain of the Carabinieri to go away with that bag containing the diary. The magistrate’s bag was later found but without the agenda. “We have an eyewitness, Lucia Borsellino, who said when on July 19 her father left the villa by the sea in Villagrazia di Carini, her desk was clean. ascertained that Judge Borsellino had three diaries: one brown, one gray and one red, well, the first two were found while the red diary was never found “. “We cannot exceed the data of Lucia Borsellino’s direct testimony. A very qualified testimony of what happened on the morning of July 19, including the phone call from Dr. Giammanco and the reaction of his father”, he adds. Then he criticizes the defenses. “They said during the discussion that the dead who cannot defend themselves are tried here.” Like Arnaldo La Barbera, the former head of Mobile, who led the investigative group with the three policemen accused today. Meanwhile La Barbera has died. “Oh, how I wanted to ask Dr. Arnaldo La Barbera the reason for that behavior towards Lucia Borsellino. A disrespectful attitude towards the judge’s daughter on the red agenda, why this closure? “. The “investigations into the disappearance of the agenda are made only in 2006 and everyone pretends nothing has happened – Trizzino says again – The prosecutor Di Matteo says ‘We took care of it when the proceedings on Bruno Contrada were reopened’ but that’s not true, Di Matteo remembers badly. The first investigation was carried out by the prosecutor Liguori and they didn’t come to tell us anything else “, adds the lawyer of the Borsellino family.” Historically everything is quite clear, now it’s up to the judges “Do you know why I get so excited? Because I don’t want to get to the Borsellino 28 trial, because Paolo Borsellino and all the officers of the escort have the right to rest in peace. And I don’t care anymore at this point, because you have to evaluate this as a reason for the damage of the misdirection put in place by the Falcone and Borsellino Group. They need to rest “, Trizzino then says.” Historically we will reconstruct what happened and your sentence will hopefully be a starting point. I’m not interested in a Borsellino 28, because we can’t take it anymore, the civil parties can’t take it anymore: but historically everything is now quite clear. Because the damage done with this misdirection and with the ignorance and professional incapacity of those magistrates cannot be eliminated by anyone. But now let them rest in peace “. He then says turning to the Court. The lawyer Trizino then recalls the sentence of the Borsellino Ter trial.” The assize court of the Borsellino Ter trial, when he speaks of his collaborator Vincenzo Scarantino, is cutting and says that ” it is to be taken and thrown “. Now I ask myself: the prosecutors to whom these words are addressed are the pm Annamaria Palma and Antonino Di Matteo, the same pm of the Borsellino bis. Here too there is a bad memory on the part of the magistrates. When they tell us ‘we did not believe in Scarantino’ they forget to say that they asked for the conviction of Vernengo, La Mattina and Scotto as well as Natale Gambino (unjustly convicted ed) thus making the collaboration of the three false collaborators their own “. “When I said that they stubbornly defended the misdirection, I limited myself to absolutely indisputable facts”, he continues. And he speaks of the “weak and lame accusatory construct” of the prosecutors Palma and Di Matteo. ” the testimonies of Bo and Mattei had had the fraud stolen from the natural judges at their disposal, other than the transmission of minutes. At that point the court of assizes would have indicated by name the subjects to be investigated and tried “, he concludes.” Now the damage done by the professional incapacity of those magistrates cannot be eliminated. But now let’s let Paolo Borsellino and the escort agents rest in peace. After 30 years what truth are we still looking for, when il redde rationem? I am not afraid of anything or anyone, when the truth in this country has been given to people who in my opinion are in conflict of interest “, continues the lawyer of Lucia, Fiammetta and Manfredi Borsellino. he says: “You have the opportunity, in my opinion, to write a trial story. This is the last chance to restore dignity, first of all to the police. Because, and I say it with pain, the defendants were not good policemen, they showed their incapacity and obstinacy. This is why I can only agree with the Prosecutor’s Office and ask for a sentence for all the charges. “Before Trizzino, the prosecutor Stefano Luciani spoke. He too was critical with the defenses:” There was no schizophrenic attitude from part of the prosecutor and no change in the assessment that this prosecutor’s office has always made on the statements of the false collaborators Scarantino, Andriotta and Candura. We have always said that those sources alone were not usable and the effort was to bring evidence to the attention of the Tribunal that would serve to shore up evidence, “he says.” The effort that was made was to demonstrate to you that the events that have been brought to your attention – he says to the Court chaired by Francesco D’Arrigo – are events that these gentlemen have always brought the same over time. I don’t know if that’s enough. But there is no change in the evaluation that the prosecutor has always made on the collaborators of justice. “And he adds:” In this process there is a complex material to handle. The material of the Borsellino Quater is very complex material. You have to be applied on this issue for years. “Then he talks about the dismissal of the proceedings against Mario Bo, one of the three defendants in the trial, along with two other policemen.” From 2011 there was a huge job until 2017, just remember that there is a judge who has reopened the investigation. Otherwise the investigating judge would never have allowed the reopening of the investigations. “In the defense speeches, the lawyers had criticized the prosecutor Luciani who in the past had asked for Bo’s position to be closed, while now, for the same charges, he is asking for an 11-year sentence and 10 months in prison. “It is a technical archiving – says prosecutor Luciani – a process is closed on the basis of some elements, if a request for archiving arrives in 2015 and the investigations are carried out between 2009 and 2011 what you discover later it is unusable “. And the prosecutor reads the conclusions of the filing:” There is no schizophrenic attitude on the part of the prosecutor “.” During the defense speeches I have heard several times of ‘splashes of mud’ thrown on the three defendants and at first I could not understand who was the subject who would have thrown these splashes of mud, until, with much regret, I came to a part where in the silence it was said that it was the pm a infan the policemen of the Falcone and Borsellino ‘Group compete in relation to the story of the videotape in Open Studio (with the interview with Vincenzo Scarantino ed). I understood that supporting a thesis means muddying someone “, he then adds.” If I appreciated the praise that was made of Dr. Gianni Tinebra (former Prosecutor of Caltanissetta, moro ed), about whom I have nothing to say, the magistrate who “it made all of Italy tremble”, as the defense says, I cannot allow a magistrate like Sergio Lari to be muddied through the arguments supported by the defenses “, that is, the former Chief Prosecutor of Caltanissetta, now retired.” Why support that the Borsellino quater trial would have made errors due to the lack of elements produced by the prosecutor means that either those elements have not been acquired deliberately or for approximate investigations, I do not know what is worse “, concludes the prosecutor Luciani.


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