• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Covid vaccine, second dose on vacation: what the mayors think


May 15, 2021

Second dose of anti Covid vaccine for tourists on vacation, in a different region from that of the first administration or even for those arriving in our country. This is the request that comes from the mayors of many tourist resorts in Italy, a request also made today by the president of Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca, at the 71st National Assembly of Federalberghi. “Now we are much calmer about the outcome of the vaccination plan. It is clear there will be some difficulties in getting vaccinations outside the region of residence – replied the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia – But we are confident that with General Figliuolo we finding the ways to solve this problem too, which is not easy but with constancy and organization we will be able to find the solution for this too “. “Politics is opening up a debate and reflection, but it is easy to understand that the hypothesis brings with it organizational difficulties – Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa told Adnkronos Health – Everything must go through an agreement in the State-Regions Conference . It cannot be an initiative of the ministry. The concept is to help simplify and the recall to holiday resorts would be an opportunity for the citizen but everything must be organized with an agreement between Regions “. But what do the mayors think? Mario Bolognari, mayor of Taormina, says he is “very favorable to the recall of the vaccine for tourists on vacation, I have already asked that it can also be carried out in Taormina. For us it is very important. I do not understand why according to the Minister of Tourism it is complicated to do vaccines on vacation. Tell us why … “. Bolognari is optimistic: “We are setting up a new vaccination hub with a remarkable potential of at least 600-1,000 vaccinations per day. There are 16 stations within one of our multi-storey car parks, starting from next week. And I asked to be able to use it not only for our residents, but also for tourists, possibly even foreigners “. Because Bolognari remembers: “There is the problem of Europeans having to take the second dose and this must slow them down a lot to go on vacation, if they have an appointment from July to September. I was told that it is feasible, it’s just a problem of organization. A German who arrives in Italy can use health services, it’s just a problem of vaccine supply. But I think that, in the space of a few months, this shouldn’t be a problem because an increase in doses is expected in Sicily ” . “We strongly ask that vaccine boosters be made even in holiday resorts. We hope that it can be implemented” the mayor of Cefalù (Palermo), a well-known tourist resort in western Sicily, also said to Adnkronos, speaking of the possibility of being able to make vaccine boosters even to non-residents. “The second dose to tourists can be given anywhere – says Rosario Lapunzina – in Cefalù we have since yesterday the possibility of the Sports Hall with the possibility of making vaccines of all kinds. We ask for exactly this: to have vaccines made, wherever you are “. For Giovanni Macrì, mayor of Tropea (Vv),” the Calabria Region must urgently move to accommodate the request from those who come on holiday for long periods and from seasonal tourism workers, who find themselves in front of a serious problem, that of the second dose of the vaccine. We must meet this need, to avoid those who choose to come here on vacation the need to return for the second dose “he told Adnkronos. “I don’t think we are talking about who knows what numbers – adds the mayor – basically the problem concerns those who come on holiday for long periods, therefore those who come for work, but also those who have a second home and maybe spend the summer here. in this case the problem is there for them and it is serious. The Region of Calabria must immediately make a move, because the ASPs depend on the Region “. “We are ready to provide any type of support for the inoculation of the second dose to those who will come here on vacation, making the premises available and organizing the organizational machine to support the ASP. What we need to understand is whether the ASP will be able to organize this type of service “, the mayor of Soverato (Cz) Ernesto Alecci told Adnkronos. “The first step is to put the information systems of all the ASPs in communication – explains the mayor – because then it is not a simple thing, there is also a problem of responsibility, it is necessary to understand who has injected what and when. It is therefore essential to have the Asp computer systems communicate in order to stay on time and make the second dose “. Immediately after the mayor adds: “We are receiving many requests for information on the possibility of being able to take the second dose during the holidays, I wrote to ASP, but he replied saying that he is not organized for the second dose, and this it is a problem that also concerns those who come to us to work in the summer or because they have a second home here, and today it is not possible to inoculate “. “In reality we have not yet established the rules for non-residents. Compared to the application circular of President De Luca, there is no news. We still have to finish completing the vaccinations for residents, seafarers or those who were out of Procida for work or of study. Then we will also think of the others. On our part, we are fully willing to make the town hall available as we did with our citizens “, Raimondo Ambrosino, mayor of Procida, an island in the Gulf of Naples, told the Adnkronos to be able to administer the second dose of vaccine also to tourists during the summer holidays. “The modalities are still up to the ASL – he explains – provided that it can foresee such a thing. If I consider it a good thing to vaccinate tourists? Yes, and the evaluations will be made. De Luca’s ordinance is clear: first the residents , then the residents, then we will see what happens. The island is already safe, they have all been immunized, there are very few people missing. The infections are decreasing and we are optimistic “, concludes Ambrosino.” Recall of the vaccine for tourists on the island ? It would certainly be a desirable thing, but clearly the management of vaccinations does not fall within the competence of the Local Authorities. If the Region and the Local Health Authorities gave the green light it would certainly be an important service, an extra gear and also an incentive for tourists to come here “observes Enzo Ferrandino, mayor of Ischia, to the Adnkronos. “Let’s be honest, however – he adds – the efforts of the local health authority, Napoli 2 Nord, which gave life to the covid free island initiative, have already been important. We have a population of 70 thousand residents and we have almost reached 50 thousand vaccinations. if at a national level the administrations were to progress further, other commendable initiatives could be launched such as the recall of the vaccine to tourists “.