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Vatican, prosecutor on financial scandal trial: “No to video filing of Becciu accuser”


The Vatican prosecutors, in an eight-page document viewed by Adnkronos and deposited yesterday at the Vatican Court Registry as part of the trial on the scandal linked to the sale of the London Palace, ask President Pignatone to revoke the order “in the part in which he established the deposit of the audio video files “containing the depositions of Msgr. Alberto Perlasca against Cardinal Angelo Becciu, accused in the trial that began last July 27 together with nine other people. President Pignatone that day asked the prosecutors to deposit all the documents, audio and video files not deposited. Now comes the no of the pm. In particular, the Vatican prosecutors with regard to Perlasca’s audio feel “the obligation to note in advance how the deposit of the materials in question is susceptible to subsequent disclosure with consequent potential serious and irreparable damage to the rights of the people who participated in the proceedings. (in addition to the interested parties, the lawyers and in one case also an interpreter) “. In this regard, the prosecutors observe that “in the Italian cpp, in order to protect the image of the persons participating in the proceedings, it is envisaged that when the photographic or audiovisual recording of the activities is authorized during the course of the hearing, the shooting is always prohibited (even before the diffusion ) of those who do not expressly consent to it “. The prosecutors then asked President Pignatone that “it should be considered that those who attended the investigative proceedings did not consent to the reproduction and disclosure in any form of files containing the recordings and, indeed, accepted the recording on the assumption and in the awareness that the itself was functional only to a more faithful verbalization of the acts “. Hence the request to revoke the request because otherwise “the right to privacy of the people involved would be irreparably compromised”. the investigations”.

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