• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Pope: “Child abuse is a kind of psychological murder”


May 15, 2021

“Child abuse is a kind of ‘psychological murder’ and in many cases a cancellation of childhood”. The Pope denounced this when he received in audience the Meter association founded by Don Di Noto. “Therefore, the protection of children against sexual exploitation – Francis says – is a duty of all States, called to identify both traffickers and abusers. At the same time, reporting and prevention implemented in the various areas are very necessary. of society: school, sporting, recreational and cultural realities, religious communities, single individuals. Furthermore, in the field of protection of minors and in the fight against pedophilia, specific interventions must be prepared for effective help to victims “. the Pontiff – the Meter association actively collaborates with institutional bodies and with different sectors of civil society, also through appropriate protocols of understanding. Continue your work without hesitation, paying particular attention to the educational aspect, to form a solid and eradicate the culture of abuse and exploitation “. The Pope then exhorted, adding it off the cuff to the text, to” fight and against the old habit of covering up, even in the Church, as in other institutions “. Bergoglio also spoke of the scourge of solicitations via social media” with pages and portals dedicated to child pornography. This is a scourge that, on the one hand, requires to be faced with renewed determination by public institutions and, on the other, requires an even stronger awareness of families and various educational agencies “he warned.” I know that you are always vigilant in protecting children even in the context of the most modern means of communication “, added the Pontiff on receiving the Meter association.