Salvini acquitted, Gregoretti case judge: “Here’s why”

“The indictment of Senator Salvini would have led to the indictment of former Prime Minister Conte and of the ministers of the time Di Maio and Toninelli, because they all agreed on the redistribution of migrants, invoked then as now”. Thus in an interview with Corriere della Sera the judge Nunzio Sarpietro, president of the gip-gup office of Catania, after the pronouncement of the sentence of no place to proceed for the former Minister of the Interior in the case of the Gregoretti ship. “The relocation policy in Europe has been a goal of all governments, as also witnessed by Minister Lamorgese, and as demonstrated by the activity of our diplomacy of which they have acquired extensive documentation”, explains the magistrate. “I considered that there was no violation of international and national legislation. Salvini – he underlines – complied with the conventions by arranging for migrants in difficulty to be saved and delaying the disembarkation for two or three days, a faculty granted to him by an administrative provision of February 2019 “. So why was Salvini indicted for the Open Arms case in Palermo? “I’m not talking about the work of colleagues – Sarpietro replies interviewed by Repubblica – There are different factual elements. I carried out an in-depth investigation having the duty to assume some elements, suggested by the defensive memory, which proved Salvini’s extraneousness. I will explain everything in the motivation for a sentence that will take time, hardship and suffering, because every word will be evaluated by X-rays. When with colleagues we made the decision that I would be the one to preside over this hearing we knew that it would take a senior magistrate with 40 years of experience and with broad shoulders to withstand the impact that the sentence would have had on the political system. And, in retrospect, I can say that we made the right choice. “

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