Good weather coming, but not everywhere: weather forecast from Monday 17 May

The African anticyclone tries. This is the news that emerges from the latest weather updates for next week which will mark the start of a turn towards more stable conditions, at least for a few days. But be careful, not all regions will enjoy the protective shield offered by high pressure, and for this reason the storms will always be ready to strike. After the last weeks of spring heavily conditioned by a large area of ​​low pressure positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which repeatedly sent storm disturbances up to our latitudes, here is something new to appear on the horizon, let know. From the African continent, a vast high-pressure field is warming up, which as early as Monday 17 May will take over a large part of the central-western Mediterranean basin. For this reason we expect much more stable and sunny weather conditions in the Center South with temperatures that could exceed 24/25 ° C during the hottest hours. In short, space for the first heat of the season after the many rains and uncertainties of this crazy spring. Not exactly. The anticyclonic shield will probably not be able to spread out in a granitic way even in the North and in fact cooler and unstable currents could be able to break through the high pressure, with the risk of strong thunderstorms and heavy rains in particular during the afternoon hours. For this reason it will be better to keep an umbrella at hand also at the beginning of next week, at least until Wednesday 19 May. What can we expect? The final part of May could give us other twists, along the lines of what we have already experienced in recent weeks. Taking a look at the updates on the medium and long term, in fact, the possibility emerges of new disturbed and fresh lunges from Northern Europe capable of causing storm blitzes on many regions. However, we will have the opportunity to talk about it in the next editorials.

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