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School, for 84% of students the tests have increased compared to previous years


The return to school for many students resulted in an avalanche of tests and homework in the classroom which, perhaps in dad mode, gave the teachers less clear and convincing results. The teachers are using the days in the presence of the last weeks of school above all to do homework in class and this is generating a lot of anxiety and stress in the children: is it right to make face-to-face assessments, with traditional methods, after almost two years of non-traditional teaching? For students, the answer is no. Through a survey in which over 17,000 young people took part, the editorial staff of asked the students how the last weeks of school are going and, from the answers, a situation of stress and discomfort emerged: “it was better to stay in dad “. For 84% of students, the number of tests in the last few weeks of school has increased compared to previous years. Only 16% are experiencing an average situation compared to previous years. For 61% of the interviewees, the consequence of this situation is that there will be many more rejected and postponed than in previous years because “two years of dad cannot be evaluated with traditional tools”, while for 40% there will be no particular consequences and everything will be in line with previous years. After the last tests in the presence, the grades have worsened for 27% of the students and much worse for 9%. 19% of the interviewees are doing better while the remaining 45% have average votes.



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