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SuperEnalotto, for next Jackpot draw at a record pace


One year after the last ‘6’, the SuperEnalotto Jackpot comes one step away from the record in the history of the game. It was August 13, 2019 when, in Lodi, over 209.1 million euros were won. For tomorrow’s draw, SuperEnalotto will be giving away € 209 million, the highest Jackpot in the world. It is exactly one year that the winning sestina is not hit: the last ‘6’ dates back to 22 May 2021, when luck stopped in Montappone, a small village in the province of Fermo where, Agipronews recalls, 156 were won million (the fourth highest win in the history of the game) with a 2 euro ticket. The winner only waited 3 days to present the winnings for cashing. In 2021, SuperEnalotto distributed a total of over 878 million winnings: in addition to the Montappone ‘6’, 651 million other scoring wins and 71 million WinBox and Second Chance winnings were distributed. However, the longest period without “6” was 15 months, from 16 July 2015 to 27 October 2016. The luckiest regions and cities – In the 25-year history of SuperEnalotto, 124 Jackpots were awarded in 17 regions for a total value of premiums distributed equal to over 4 billion euros. Among the most awarded regions, Campania is in first place with 18 wins, followed by Lazio with 16 and Emilia Romagna with 13. Puglia off the podium with 10 wins, then Tuscany and Veneto with 9. There are three regions which, from 1997 to today, have never made a ‘6’: they are Valle d’Aosta, Trentino and Molise. Among the cities, Rome is the city where the most Jackpots have been made, as many as 10, for a total of over 132 million. Sassari followed, with 5 Jackpots worth a total of 111 million euros, while another 111 million euros were hit in Naples, with 4 Jackpots. How to claim the prize – The next winner of the ‘6’ will have 90 days to go to one of the Sisal Award Offices in Via A. Tocqueville 13 in Milan or in Viale Sacco e Vanzetti 89 in Rome, for the physical delivery of the coupon . The premium will be paid with a withholding tax, the so-called “tax on luck”, which has been raised from 12 to 20% since March 2020.

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