NewsLocalHacker attacks Italy, Cybersecurity: "Not affected systems"

Hacker attacks Italy, Cybersecurity: “Not affected systems”


The DDOS hacker attacks underway since yesterday against the websites of institutions and public administrations do not affect the data. This was reported by the National Cybersecurity Agency explaining that “these attacks, although they can make the sites unavailable for a certain period of time to legitimate users creating some inconvenience, do not affect the integrity and confidentiality of the information and systems affected unlike, for example, a ransomware attack “. Read also The Agency is monitoring the situation and on the Csirt Italia portal has published a technical bulletin containing additional guidelines for the mitigation of the various types of Ddos attacks, “recommending the adoption of all the measures indicated by the public administrations , the media and all those private individuals who offer services of public utility. The sites that appropriately adopt these measures – it is emphasized – in case they are attacked, will be able to mitigate the attacks by eliminating or minimizing the inconvenience for legitimate users “.

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