NewsLocalUkraine, General Bertolini: "For Russia the problem is political"

Ukraine, General Bertolini: “For Russia the problem is political”


“The moment is difficult for Russia, even its traditional allies are frightened by the isolation to which it has been subjected and this is regardless of the tactical conditions on the ground. The problem is above all political”. General Marco Bertolini, former commander of the IOC, said this to Adnkronos on the conflict in Ukraine. “From a military point of view – he continues – things certainly did not go as Putin would have wished, but he achieved the objectives declared at the beginning of the campaign, even with the surrender of the steel mill. By now Russian domination over the range from Donbass to Crimea up to in Cherson it is undisputed. The tactical objective has been achieved, the political objective is missing “. “It must also be said that, in the international arena, distinctions that were not there before are beginning to appear – he underlines – such as Turkey on the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO or Hungary, which is always more a firefighter than an arsonist. We are in a long military tug-of-war. ” “I hope in the action of European countries – he concludes – in several directions: towards Putin, forcing him to stop his offensive, and towards Biden, who has so far kept the tension higher”.

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