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Orlandi case, “Teutonic Cemetery bones are not Emanuela’s”


The bones found in the Teutonic cemetery do not belong to Emanuela Orlandi. The latest confirmation, according to what Adnkronos learns, comes from the analyzes arranged by the family which, however, allowed us to date those fragments to a period after 1900. “The analyzes relating to the dating of the bones found in the ossuary adjacent to the Teutonic cemetery, performed by the Cedad laboratory of the University of Salento, highlighted the existence of some bone fragments dating back to the years after 1900 “, declares the lawyer Laura Sgrò, lawyer for the family of the young Vatican citizen who died on 22 June 1983.” Al in order to investigate with the best possible scientific methods, the geneticist Giorgio Portera, our partisan consultant, then performed forensic genetic tests on part of the bone residues – he explains – at the forensic genetics laboratory of the TomaLab in Busto Arsizio. scientific studies performed on residues, including genetic analyzes on much more recent bone fragments that can be placed in the an n after 1900, they excluded the presence of biological tissues belonging to Emanuela Orlandi “.” Finally – continues the lawyer Sgrò – we have certain results on the bone findings achieved with scientific methods. However, there are still unanswered questions. Why were the ‘tomb of the angel’, indicated to us as the burial place of Emanuela, and the adjacent one empty? And why was a room under the tombs recently built, of which, despite our requests, we have not been provided with documentation? “.” I hope – adds Pietro Orlandi to the Adnkronos – that in a spirit of honesty collaboration Pope Francis may finally take a clear position on this matter and allow us to have access to the documentation on the abduction of Emanuela that we know exists but which has so far been denied us by the Holy See “.



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