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Caffarelli terrace between food and wine and cultural heritage


From the Caffarelli Terrace in Rome the conviction was born that the value of the post-pandemic restart must pass through the excellence present in the area. Terrazza Caffarelli and its restaurant can harmonize the combination of art, culture and gastronomy of the capital. “Now is the time to give a positive message of recovery in the tourism sector. The post-pandemic, in fact, is awakening the will of many Italian and foreign tourists to come and visit Rome and, today more than ever, it is necessary to give a positive message of recovery by enhancing our excellence in the cultural and food and wine heritage of Lazio, supporting the production companies in the area. Tourism is making a comeback and the focus in Rome is on museums, monuments and works of art, but also on the gastronomic offer ”, said Andrea Azzarone, CEO of Bar Banqueting.

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