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BalconiAmo, the greenest event for Milan


Cia Agricoltori Milano, in collaboration with MM Spa, presents balciamo, an initiative aimed at increasing the presence of greenery on Milanese balconies to help improve the well-being of citizens, educate them in the care and recognition of cultivated plants, create biodiversity and propose a new aesthetics of the city. In the presence of Elena Grandi, Councilor for the Environment and Green of the City of Milan, balciamo will take place on Saturday 30 April from 11 at Cascina Nascosta (Parco Sempione), where a balcony will be set up with ornamental, fruit, vegetable and aromatic plants , with green professionals who will explain how to behave in order to guarantee the plants a long and luxuriant life. city, actively participating in the vitality of the ecosystem and reaping the benefits deriving from it.During the event the Councilor Grandi, the president of MM spa Simone Dragone and the Director of Cia Agricoltori Milano Paola Santeramo, will distribute kits, donated by Cia and containing all that is necessary to carry out a first experience in the management of domestic greenery, to representatives of the Milanese community (entities, academic institutions, local representatives, charitable foundations) to further raise awareness among citizens about the environmental and cultural importance of the initiative. balciamo is part of the Coltiviamo Benessere project within the framework of which Cia has already carried out two important initiatives: “Arms lent to agriculture”, in collaboration with the Parini Liceo Classico dedicated to young people and the “Guide to the trees of Milan”, which has as its aim is to raise awareness of the rich Milanese arboreal heritage.Thanks to the collaboration with MM spa, the activities aimed at promoting a conscious, responsible and conservative approach to the environment and everything related to it, acquire a wider dimension thanks to the presence of a company that has always worked to improve urban planning and develop the territory in concert with the cultural, economic and social growth of the community.A collaboration that has its starting point with balciamo and which will develop through future projects, always dedicated to urban regeneration aimed at respecting the environment consistently with greater awareness on the part of citizens. The presence of the Councilor Grandi in balciamo, as well as a certificate of esteem for the initiative, is above all the demonstration of the great commitment of the Administration towards the protection of the environment and a constant desire to involve citizens towards a more aware approach to a lifestyle aimed at well-being, in cohabitation with the greenery that surrounds them and respectful of it.

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