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Still hot and good weather for a little longer, uncertain May 1st weekend


Good weather and warm weather for a short while with maximum temperatures up to 22-25 ° C from North to South. Only in the morning with minimums of 10 ° C it will seem chilly, but even in this case they will be above average. The North African high pressure of the next few hours will be replaced tomorrow by a wedge of the Azores Anti-cyclone, although few will notice: there will always be a prevalence of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Far to the north, a depression area on Scandinavia will still bring unseasonable cold and snow and, far to the south, a cyclone in formation between Morocco and Algeria will slowly push east: this cyclone could lead to an increase in cloud cover towards the south rapidly. transit to Greece. Andrea Garbinato, head of, confirms that the weather will remain stable and sunny until tomorrow. But from Saturday and then for the feast of May 1st, two disturbed attacks can be glimpsed, to be evaluated as intensity: a low pressure from North Africa will bring a little more clouds to the South, while in the North and in Tuscany local thunderstorms could arrive for infiltrations of fresh and unstable air from the North. Today Thursday 28 April – In the north: clear or partly cloudy skies. In the center: sunny everywhere. In the south: ample sunshine. Tomorrow Friday April – 29. In the north: more clouds only in the Alps. In the center: scattered clouds in Sardinia, sunshine elsewhere. In the south: mostly sunny Saturday 30 April – In the north: worsening with scattered showers in the Northwest. Middle: possible deterioration in the afternoon starting from Tuscany. In the south: sunny. Trend – May Day still uncertain from the point of view of the forecast, greater instability seems likely in the center-north, from Monday the sun returns almost everywhere.

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