Rome waste and waste-to-energy plant, Gualtieri: “Two years are not enough”

Will Rome have a waste-to-energy plant? How long will it take? ” Two years are too few but I think it can be done much faster than traditional times “. This was said by the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, guest of ‘Radio24’, explaining the strategy for waste management.” determination and government experience to quickly implement this plan, to arrive within the council to have both the 2 anaerobic biodigesters, the collection and reuse centers and the latest generation waste-to-energy plant that will be even greener than those of other European capitals ”, he said. ” Without this plant I would have to do a 1 million ton landfill in Rome every two and a half years. This is the technically existing alternative to the waste-to-energy plant ”, he added. ” Rome for years has based the waste cycle on the Malagrotta landfill, which was deservedly closed by the mayor Marino. After that nothing was done, no alternative implants were made. Rome is a unique case in Europe, there are no other European capitals that do not have facilities. All European capitals and almost all large Italian cities have a waste-to-energy plant among other plants. Rome has to spend three times as much as Milan on waste treatment and thus take it away from the collection which is of bad quality because there is less money to clean the streets and collect the waste, ” he said.