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Grillo, the friend’s version: “Ciro was screaming and she, naked, was crying”


“On one occasion Ciro Grillo yelled at one of the others in the corridor, he was angry because Silvia was in the room with someone, I immediately thought of Corsiglia: ‘I took her home because I wanted to fuck her, instead she is fucking him. ‘The friend tried to calm him down:’ It was so bad, we’ll find another one tomorrow ‘”. This is what the friend of the girl victim of the alleged gang rape, in which Ciro Grillo and three friends Francesco Corsiglia, Vittorio Lauria and Edoardo Capitta is involved, tells the carabinieri of the Milan-Duomo company, that that famous had fallen asleep on the sofa in the house in Sardinia. To report an article from ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ which uses the fictional names Silvia to refer to the victim and Roberta to refer to her friend. The latter explains that she rejected the advances of at least three of the four guys who hosted them after spending the evening at the disco. Roberta is awakened several times. “In one case – he says – Ciro approached me and asked me if I was sure I wanted to sleep on the sofa or if I wanted to go with him. I replied that I was fine there and he walked away without insisting”. Last time Silvia woke her up: “She was crouched next to me in her bathrobe and crying. I asked her what was happening, but she was sobbing. In the meantime one of the boys came and asked her if everything was okay. she turned away, so as not to be seen crying. I replied yes to tell me what had happened. But after crying again she calmed down and told me not to worry, she was fine “. Roberta finds Silvia for many hours later on a bed, completely naked, alone. It’s about 1pm. “She was confused and upset. She had all her makeup on, I think from crying, she looked around as if she didn’t know where she was. I happened to see her drunk, but never in this state, I didn’t think it was for the effects. alcohol “. In fact, Silvia told investigators that she was forced to drink from a bottle of vodka “with a strange smell”. Silvia then finds the courage to tell her friend that she has been raped. “There was a surreal silence – Roberta remembers referring to the boys – they pretended nothing happened. They behaved as if nothing had happened”. The interrogation of Roberta, 20, took place on August 27, 2019. To collect her story is Marshal Cristina Solomita, who has already recorded Silvia’s complaint, assisted by the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno. Roberta, when she herself discovers that she has been the victim of another potential sexual violence – Grillo, Capitta and Lauria take obscene photos of her as she sleeps – she will turn to a lawyer, the lawyer Vinicio Nardo, reports il Fatto Quotidiano . During the interrogation, a painful episode from the past also emerges. A previous rape that Silvia had told Roberta she had suffered, but which according to her “had not reported”. In that case, says Roberta, “Silvia woke up with a friend in her tent in the middle of the night”. “This episode had created problems with classmates, that boy’s girlfriend accused her of starting her and making it all up.”

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