Rome: Oipa, ‘wild boar sighted in Monteverde, be rescued’

The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (Oipa) asks Roma Capitale for guarantees for the safety of the wild boar spotted this morning in the area crossed by the cycle path of Viale dei Quattro Venti in the Monteverde district of Rome. After the sighting, citizens called the police. ” We ask the mayor Gualtieri and the councilor for the Environment Alfonsi to deal with the matter with the utmost transparency, giving notice of what will happen after the report and what the destination of the wild boar will be ”, declares Rita Corboli, delegate of Oipa From Rome. ” Mayor Gualtieri during the election campaign assured us the utmost attention to the issue concerning animal rights and therefore we ask that this Monteverdino boar, perhaps arrived from the Valle dei Casali, be rescued and transferred to a protected area, far from hunting areas and food companies – he adds – We also ask that, if female, the presence of any puppies is checked ”. Oipa in October 2020 presented a complaint to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office for the killing of a wild boar mother with her six puppies in Rome who had found shelter in a Aurelio play area and locked up there before being killed by ASL veterinarians.