Rome, inmate kidnapped and raped in Regina Coeli prison

Inmate kidnapped and raped in the Regina Coeli prison in Rome. The news was given by Sappe, the Autonomous Penitentiary Police Syndicate. According to the union, two inmates of Slavic origin kidnapped and raped another inmate, of Italian origin, after having tied him up and under the threat of a knife. “Two inmates of Slav origin, with robbery and other crimes, kidnapped and raped another inmate, of Italian origin, restricted for drug offenses – says Maurizio Somma, Sappe Lazio secretary -. Thanks to the intuition of the men of the Penitentiary Police Corps, the man was saved as he was threatened with a rudimentary knife and always kept tied with a rudimentary rope. He was transported to the hospital, where they found serious injuries to the anus. A shameful and gruesome episode certainly favored by the slackening of internal security due to dynamic vigilance “. Donato Capece, secretary general of Sappe, points the finger at the system of” dynamic vigilance “:” These are the fruits of a reduced surveillance as a result of the brainy dynamic vigilance, the self-management of prisons and the objective numbers of the staff shortages of the Regina Coeli Penitentiary Police Department of Rome. which in fact resulted in a dangerous self-management of prisons. The system, for adults and minors, is crumbling more and more every day. opened, having removed the sentries of the Penitentiary Police from the prison walls, the lack of prison policemen, the lack of funding for anti-intrusion and anti-climb-over services. Politics completely screwed it up. And the leaders of the Ministry of Justice and the Penitentiary Administration have dismantled the safety policies of prisons, preferring dynamic supervision and an open prison regime, with inmates out of cells for at least 8 hours a day with sporadic and occasional checks… “.