Orsini: “Families write to me from Mariupol, they don’t want war”

“I am in contact with families in Mariupol who write to me every day and tell me ‘Professor, speak. You Italians are crazy about giving up arms’. These women who write to me with dead children have no voice, NATO propaganda makes us believe that all these people want war. There are thousands of mothers, children and parents who do not want war. ” Professor Alessandro Orsini, professor of sociology of international terrorism, expressed himself in Cartabianca. In the ongoing war, “if Russia is in trouble, the Ukrainians are in more trouble than Russia. If Russia were to find itself in a desperate condition it would resort to devastating weapons with which it would be able to win the war: the CIA chief says. I’m not saying it. ” “All the predictions I had made are happening one after another. I had said that Russia was able to gut Ukraine as and when it wants and that is what is happening. I cannot understand this rhetorical glorification of the Ukrainian resistance. . It is perfectly fine to praise the courage of the Ukrainian fighters, I am an admirer of them. But how can you not understand that Putin is literally devastating Ukraine from top to bottom? How can you be so blind? “, He continues.