Cacciari to Cartabianca: “Patatrac Putin, Russia bogged down”

“Putin’s policy has met with a resounding patatrac”. Massimo Cacciari thus expresses himself on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Moscow prepares for the offensive in the Donbass. “I understand that Russia is bogged down in a horrible way and that it is one step away from a controlled retreat. There are currently no other solutions, if not to keep on the Donbass front,” Cacciari told Cartabianca. “It was an unfortunate operation, due not only to economic consequences but also from a geopolitical point of view. Europe has failed due to its total lack of preparation in dealing with a conflict that has been going on for 8 years, it has not managed to be a table of mediation: a resounding failure. Beyond the unity of the facade, it seems to me that each country is going a little on its own. The only power that plays its role is the United States, which takes full advantage of this situation. It is an objective observation “, he adds. The EU and the United States have launched a series of sanctions against Russia. “The sanctions weigh on European countries in a completely different way. Germany and Italy are the most penalized countries, France suffers much less. In our case, the sanctions are against us,” says Cacciari.