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“Holidays with the virus”, Burioni unmasks tourism ‘without a mask’


“Virus Holidays Included”. Professor Roberto Burioni ‘denounces’ with a series of tweets some tourist facilities that offer holidays without respecting the covid rules if not in open violation of the rules. The San Raffaele virologist publishes a series of screenshots with social announcements, some presumably inserted in Facebook groups. The owner of a farmhouse on the morainic hills advertises his structure, between the hills and a small lake, where you can walk “without mask or distance”. In the Dolomites, there are those who warn their potential customers: it is useless to ask questions about the anticovid rules, “if you believe in this farce, save us and you precious time”. Even more explicit messages from Abruzzo: beach holiday for those interested in a villa, excluding “masked covidiots”. After the messages that turn the spotlight on a surreal landscape, Burioni can smile thinking about the “clear, univocal and indisputable data: the mRNA vaccine prevents transmission. So, let’s free the vaccinated”, writes the virologist again, while they arrive from the United States the new guidelines authorizing vaccinated people to forgo a mask and spacing. “Vaccinated Americans are no longer required to wear masks or keep social distances indoors or outdoors (with rare exceptions). Free the vaccinated!”, Writes the virologist.



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