• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Sallusti resigns from the newspaper after 12 years


May 13, 2021

Alessandro Sallusti resigns after 12 years from Il Giornale. The news is reported by the Dagospia website. “Sallusti has resigned – reads the website of Roberto D’Agostino – Great mess in the Berlusconi house”. Dagospia, who also reveals that there would be a ‘swell’ in the Berlusconi house for those who will succeed the editorial director of the Giornale, also recalls an old interview released by Sallusti in 2018 in which, among other things, he said: “The colleague from whom I learned more is Vittorio Feltri “. The reasons for the director’s decision are not yet known. CDR IL GIORNALE “We did not know, we have not received any confirmation or official communication of the resignation of our director Alessandro Sallusti. We are looking for them in these hours from the person concerned and from the managers of the company”, a member of the Cdr of the company said to Adnkronos. Newspaper. “If this news were confirmed – adds the journalist – I can say that the decision takes us by surprise, we did not expect it and there are no reasons why it could have been adopted”. “In order not to miss anything, we are grappling with the possible resignation of the director Alessandro Sallusti. The situation at 5.20 pm as far as we have known is the following: the news given by Dgospia (like that of Covid in Sallusti, if you remember) has not been confirmed at the moment either by the director or by the administrator See delegate Andrea Favari “writes the cdr of the newspaper in a letter, issued following the spread of the news that the director Alessandro Sallusti has resigned from the direction of the newspaper.” As cdr – they write – what we are doing is calling the direct interested and, at the moment, Sallusti did not answer his mobile phone, while Favari, intercepted at the headquarters, did not want to comment. eghi who are closest to Sallusti have no information, nor have they reported any signs of recent days. We ourselves of the CDR saw the director last Thursday and we would not have bet a cent on something like this. “” As for the rumors, there are as many as you want on the net. Our task remains to insist on having verified information and we will keep you informed as soon as we have it “, concludes the cdr.FELTRI” I have not received any communication “comments Vittorio Feltri to Adnkronos about the rumors about a possible passage of Sallusti to the guide of Libero “I cannot confirm or deny it, nor do I know anything about a possible negotiation, but I can say that if he came here I would be very happy, because he is a good journalist with whom I have worked for many years, and I have experienced his skills” “I have worked with pleasure with him since the days of the Resto del Carlino, of the Day and of the Nation, so his proximity would not only cause me no annoyance, but perhaps also some comfort”, continues Feltri. Dagospia, according to which Sallusti would have resigned from the newspaper after 12 years, adds: “I do not know, but if he resigned, maybe he simply has his balls full of it …, this could be the explanation. But I’m just making assumptions, I have no idea “, he concludes.