• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Luana, the prosecutor: “Twin warper tampered with”


May 13, 2021

The ‘twin’ machine of the one in which Luana D’Orazio, the 22-year-old worker from Pistoia who died last May 3 in a textile company in Montemurlo (Prato), was sucked in and crushed, had the security systems tampered with. It was learned from sources of the Prato Public Prosecutor’s Office after the technical assessment was carried out by the experts on a warping machine present in the ‘Orditura Luana’ company, identical to the one in which the fatal accident in which it remained took place. victim the young woman. Two warpers were seized in the company, the one in which Luana worked and the one closest to her, on which the survey is being carried out to compare the functioning of the two machines. So far, the operations of the technical consultants have focused on the ‘twin’ machine, which yesterday was put back into operation to analyze the processing phases. The warper that crushed Luana will be examined in the next few days. The appraisal is considered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office directed by the chief prosecutor Giuseppe Nicolodi to be fundamental for reconstructing the last moments of the girl’s life and establishing responsibilities, especially as regards compliance with safety regulations by the owner of the company. the protective ‘shutter’ has been removed, a kind of gate that would have prevented Luana from getting too close. The protective shutter is a mechanism intended to prevent accidents at work. In addition to the owner of the company Luana Coppini, the maintenance worker of the machinery, Mario Cusimano, is also investigated. The accusations of manslaughter and the removal or willful omission of precautions against accidents at work are hypothesized against them.