• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Jessica, the disease and the solidarity contest, the mother: “Never give up”


May 13, 2021

Palermo, May 13 (Adnkronos) – “I didn’t expect it. Thank you, thank you all”. Giacoma Chiappara repeats it like a mantra. When he created the fundraiser on ‘gofundme.com’ last Sunday for the care needed for his Jessica, he really couldn’t have imagined such a solidarity contest. Over 83 thousand euros in a handful of days, with the goal of 100 thousand euros now just a step away. “People have big hearts,” the courageous mother, who has been fighting for a 26-year-old daughter suffering from a severe brain tumor for a year, tells Adnkronos. A nightmare that began in the spring of last year when Jessica, 26, a carabiniere on duty in Liguria but originally from Monreale (Palermo), began to feel ill. “Nobody thought of anything serious, we said ‘maybe it’s a bad neck'”. The symptoms of the disease appeared suddenly and with them the first tests arrived. A slew of increasingly specific exams. “Without, however, it was possible to have a certain diagnosis”, says Ms. Giacoma. The response comes from the emergency magnetic resonance: brain tumor. “The world has collapsed on us,” he says today. It is the beginning of the ordeal. At the Besta in Milan, the team of doctors warns the family: Jessica is not operable, the tumor mass is in too delicate a position to intervene surgically. The only way is the cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, these therapies have not given the desired results. “Almost a year later the mass is still there and the risk that it will continue to grow is high”. Today for Jessica, however, hope comes from Germany. “He has started oncological immunological treatments which consist of treatments carried out at the Iozk in Cologne, a clinic specializing in the creation of oncolytic viruses and personalized vaccines that aim to block the growth of cancer cells”. Treatments that must be repeated every month and which have a particularly high cost: about 100 thousand euros. Really a lot for a working family. So last Sunday the fundraiser was born, which in just four days has already broken through the ceiling of 83 thousand euros raised. “We didn’t expect it – she repeats with emotion -. We are receiving a lot of solidarity. I can’t find the words to tell the drama we have experienced in recent months”. Yet, Mamma Giacoma has never resigned herself. “I will never do it, I will always fight next to my daughter. There are always moments of despair, but giving up is not expected”. Jessica is also well aware of this, as she fought her first battle to get into the Weapon. A dream cultivated since childhood. A family ‘passion’ shared with father and brother, both among the ranks of the Meritorious. “She is a very determined and independent girl, it was not easy to win the competition, but she always went her own way”. Now a new battle begins for her. “The strength is not lacking, we will make it”, says mum Giacoma proudly. Which launches an appeal. “I hope that my daughter’s story gives hope to many other children. And I tell everyone to be careful, not to underestimate any symptoms because prevention is a winning weapon”. “Never give up”, the mother says courageously as she repeats: “Thanks to the big hearts of the people, thanks to the weapon that once again was a big family for us”.