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Covid Emilia Romagna, today 618 infections and 18 deaths: May 13 bulletin


There are 618 new coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna according to the table of today’s bulletin, 13 May. Also recorded 18 other deaths. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 378,060 positive cases have been registered in the Region, 618 more than yesterday, out of a total of 23,936 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 2.6%. In the meantime, the anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues, which in this phase concerns the health care staff and the Cra, including inpatients of residences for the elderly, most of them already immunized, the over eighty-year-olds in home care and their spouses, if they are 80 or older. years, and people aged 55 and over, while from today it is possible to apply for vaccination for the age group 50-54 (those born from 1967 to 1971 included). At 3 pm a total of 2,056,445 doses were administered; out of the total, 685,621 are second doses, that is people who have completed the vaccination cycle. Control and prevention activities continue: of the new infected, 211 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, among the new positives 226 were already in isolation at the time of swab execution, 357 were identified within already known foci. The average age of the new positives today is 36.1 years. Of the 211 asymptomatic, 161 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 18 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 1 with serological screening, 7 through pre-admission tests. An epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 24 cases. In the last 24 hours, 10,659 molecular swabs were carried out, for a total of 4,570,813. In addition to these, there are also 13,277 rapid swabs. As for the total people healed, they are 320 more than yesterday and reach 338,195. The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 26,809 (+280 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, total 25,447 (+335), 95% of the total number of active cases. Unfortunately, there are 18 new deaths. Compared to what was communicated in recent days, 1 cases were eliminated, one of which was positive for an antigen test but not confirmed by the molecular swab and the other was not Covid-19.

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