• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Banca Etruria, prosecutors ask for the condemnation of all 24 defendants


May 13, 2021

The indictment of prosecutors Julia Maggiore and Angela Masiello at the trial that is held before the Arezzo Court for the collapse of Banca Etruria ended with the request for conviction for all 24 defendants. These are former members of the boards of directors and managers of the credit institution, accused by the prosecutor, for various reasons, of fraudulent bankruptcy and simple bankruptcy. The deputy prosecutors have asked for sentences ranging from a maximum of six years and six months to a minimum of one year. The maximum sentence of 6 years and 6 months was requested for Alberto Rigotti. Five years and four months were asked for Giorgio Guerrini, whose name for the power of attorney remains connected to the business of the Yacht Prestige in Civitavecchia, and for Federico Baiocchi De Silvestri. For Giovanni Inghirami, who was vice president of Banca Etruria, the required sentence was 4 years, as was the case for Augusto Federici. For the last president of Banca Etruria before the commissioner, Lorenzo Rosi, three and a half years were requested. One-year sentences were sought for Laura del Tongo and Andrea Orlandi and Ugo Borgheresi. The other defendants are Franco Arrigucci, Mario Badiali, Maurizio Bartolomei Corsi, Alberto Bonaiti, Luigi Bonollo, Piero Burzi, Paolo Cerini, Giampaolo Crenca, Enrico Fazzini, Paolo Luigi Fumi, Saro Lo Presti, Gianfranco Neri, Carlo Platania, Carlo Polci and Massimo Tezzon.After the long indictment of the prosecutors, who dealt with the main events of the investigation into the Banca Etruria crash, the word passed to the numerous civil parties admitted, including Lidia Di Marcantonio, widow of Luigino D’Angelo, the Civitavecchia saver who took his own life on November 28, 2015 after having entrusted 110 thousand euros in bonds to the local branch of Banca Etruria, and the Municipality of Arezzo. next weeks it will be up to the defense lawyers of the accused. The sentence is expected for the month of September, as announced by the president of the Court Gianni Fruganti. As part of the same line of investigation, the former president of Banca Etruria Giuseppe Fornasari and the former general manager Luca Bronchi, for fraudulent bankruptcy, to 5 years of imprisonment, the former vice president Alfredo Berni to two years for fraudulent bankruptcy and the former board member Rossano Soldini to one year for simple bankruptcy.