• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Chaos Procure, preliminary hearing at the start for Palamara, Fuzio and Fava


May 13, 2021

from the envoy Assunta Cassiano – The first preliminary hearing for the former CSM councilor Luca Palamara began this morning in front of the gup of Perugia Angela Avila together with the former Attorney General of the Cassation Riccardo Fuzio, and the former prosecutor of Rome Stefano Rocco Fava. The accusations in various capacities and according to the positions, contested by the magistrates of the Umbrian capital, the deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Petrazzini and the substitutes Gemma Miliani and Mario Formisano, who have requested the indictment, are by conspiracy to reveal and use office secrets , unauthorized access to the computer system and abuse of office. In the proceeding, both the former chief prosecutor of Rome Giuseppe Pignatone and the deputy prosecutor of the capital Paolo Ielo are found: the latter, who arrived in Perugia at the hearing at the Capitini center accompanied by the lawyer Filippo Dinacci, asked to become a civil party in the proceedings against Fava and Palamara. The request for a civil action was also made by the lawyer Domenico Ielo, brother of the deputy prosecutor, by the Ministry of Justice and by Cittadinanzattiva. “The request for a civil action by Domenico Ielo – explained his lawyer Luca Troyer – is motivated by the enormous damage to the image that these illegal dossiers with the subsequent transmission to the press have caused him”. The choice of Pignatone, now president of the Vatican court, was different, who at the moment has not presented the request for a civil action. During the hearing, the lawyer Benedetto Buratti, who, together with Roberto Rampioni and Mariano Buratti, defends the ex prosecutor Luca Palamara, asked to sue the Superior Council of the Judiciary as an offended party in the proceeding. At the moment the GUP has reserved the right to decide on the requests and the hearing will resume in the afternoon. In particular, Fuzio, accused of the crime of revelation and use of office secrets, “at the instigation of Palamara during a telephone conversation revealed to him”, according to the indictment of the prosecutor of Perugia led by Raffaele Cantone, ” the arrival at the Presidency Committee of the High Council of the Judiciary of a complaint presented by Fava concerning allegedly incorrect behavior put in place by the then Rome prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone “. Moreover, again according to the accusation,” Fuzio communicated to Palamara the initiatives that the Presidency Committee of the CSM intended to undertake to verify the validity of the facts indicated in the complaint “. Palamara competed in this offense who “knowing Fava’s intentions to present this complaint had asked” the then Attorney General of the Cassation “to verify the actual presentation of this deed and to communicate to him the modalities of treatment”. epoch of the facts substitute prosecutor in the capital and now a civil judge in Latina, is accused of having “illegally introduced himself into the SICP computer system and into the Tiap, acquiring hearing reports and the sentence of a proceeding”. According to the prosecutors, it happened “for reasons unrelated to those for which the right of access was attributed”. His goal, according to the request for indictment “was to start a media campaign against Pignatone, recently ceased from the office of prosecutor of Rome and of the adjunct Paolo Ielo “to be carried out also with” the help “of Palamara” to whom he handed over all the unduly acquired dossier “. In Fava and Palamara the competition in disclosure and use of official secrets “because they revealed to the journalists of the newspapers Il Fatto Quotidiano and La Verita official news that should have remained secret”. In particular, the two magistrates revealed that the lawyer Piero Amara “was under investigation for bankruptcy and tax fraud and that Fava had prepared a precautionary measure” to which “a visa had not been affixed”. accusation of abuse of office because it allegedly acquired criminal proceedings “to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the then prosecutor Pignatone” and “collect information aimed at discrediting Ielo, including through the opening of criminal proceedings in Perugia “and therefore” to cause them unjust damage “.