• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Ruby ter, today the sentence: Berlusconi asks for postponement


May 13, 2021

Ruby ter, today at 2 pm the sentence is expected for the ‘Sienese excerpt’ of the trial that sees Silvio Berlusconi accused of corruption in judicial acts, together with the pianist of the parties of Arcore, Danilo Mariani. The Cav will not be in the classroom, because it will remain at the San Raffaele in Milan, where it was hospitalized the day before yesterday due to the aftermath of the post Covid. Doctors recommend absolute rest and once again, according to the former premier’s legal staff, the defense of the Italian leader will ask for the postponement of the last hearing for legitimate impediment. It is not excluded that the prosecutor may return to ask for a medical report and that this time the judge will accept it. Read also Since the president of Forza Italia returned to hospital (he was discharged on May 1st after a 25-day hospitalization and then admitted to hospital at five in the morning last Tuesday), there have been discordant rumors about his state of health. According to Italian sources, Berlusconi is always struggling with the symptoms of the so-called long Covid, which have made new investigations and checks necessary. Weakness, breathlessness, joint pain, tachycardia, drowsiness, speech difficulties, are the symptoms that usually affect those who are healed (technically negativized) but have had a high viral load. Ailments that could have consequences on organs such as lungs, heart and kidneys and which therefore must be periodically monitored, especially in the over 80s such as the blue leader (class of ’36) with an important ‘previous’ (an open heart surgery for valve replacement aortic). If it were to be accepted, it would be the eighth postponement. The latest dates back to April 22 and again for health reasons. Another procedural appointment for the president of Fi is the hearing of the Milanese line of Ruby ter, scheduled for May 19.