• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Covid Italia, Sileri: “Gradually vaccine will replace restrictions”


May 13, 2021

“Progressively the anti-Covid vaccine will replace the restrictions in the containment of the virus”. This was underlined by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke at “Italy has awakened” on Radio Cusano Campus. “It is difficult to talk about calculated risk, we can talk about minimized risk. Zero risk does not exist in medicine or in any of our daily activities. Our task is to standardize our procedures, monitor and minimize the risk. With the number of vaccinations. that grows and the presence of variants that do not elude the vaccine, when we reach half of the vaccinated population it means that that population is protected and will not become seriously ill. Step by step, with extreme caution, the use of the mask will be progressively abandoned outdoors, “he says. As for the Pfizer recall at 42 days, Sileri recalls that “five months ago I expressed myself on the possibility of proceeding with a single dose, when the third wave was coming, to secure the highest possible number of elderly people. a different utility because we have many more doses available and there is a lower incidence of the virus. Moving the second dose is an opportunity, but in a context of spread of the virus different from the one we had months ago. the decision at the local level, depending on the spread of the virus “.” Attention to some categories of patients – warns Sileri – because while in the elderly there are no risks, there may be a portion of immunosuppressed people or with neoplastic pathology in which perhaps it would be better to respect 21 days because the protocol of this vaccine provides for a 21-day booster for all types of population. Even if up to 42 days the answer seems to be the same a, for maximum safety as a doctor to immunosuppressed patients or patients with neoplastic pathology, I would leave the reminder at 21 “.